7 Best Keyloggers For Android Without Root

Are you recently noticing your partner hiding their messages? Or your kids hiding the searches that they make on the internet?

If yes, then you might always feel like just having a peek at what all the kids search on the internet. And what language they use in the messages and social media apps.

But manually, it’s really tough to track down those activities. The reason being, the kids are far better at using technology than the parents.

This leaves the parents with no option and they have to make use of something that could extract all the words that the teen uses on the internet and social media apps.

And that “something” is what we call Keylogger.

This fabulous tool tracks down all the keystrokes that the kid performs on their device.

On top of that, you don’t even need the physical access of the target device every time you want to track the words that they use on various apps. Once set up then you can use Keylogger remotely from anywhere.

Giving your problems the first priority, we’ll provide you with the list of three best Keyloggers for Android that don’t require root and also run in stealth mode.

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How Do Keylogger In Spy Apps Work?

Before jumping on the best hidden Keylogger apps for Android, it’s better to understand how actually a Keylogger works.

Keylogger is a feature that almost all the good spying apps offer to its users.

First, you need to install and set up the spying app. And before understanding the working of the Keyloggers, it’s better to understand the working of the spying apps first.

A Keylogger is a short form for the word “keystroke logger.” Whenever the necessary permissions are given from the target device, the Keylogger tool tracks down all the words that the user types. And those words are then shown on the tracking app dashboard remotely.

Some spying apps also require the downloading of their Keylogger app for the successful use of the feature. But what amazes the user is that the Keylogger app can be hidden on the target device. This means all the top Keyloggers we will be mentioning in the list below are hidden Android Keyloggers.

The legit use of Keylogger is only possible when the target person is aware of the installation of the spying app or the Keylogger app on their device.

Uses of Keylogger

1. Tracking Of Kids And Teens

tracking kids

Cellphones are a great piece of gadget unless the modifications have been done to their use to meliorate life. And sadly, teens today are using cellphones more for negative purposes.

So it becomes necessary for the parents to keep an eye on the kids, even when they’re not physically present.

Teenage is a sensitive age and the hormonal explosions in the body at this time might force the kids to search and look for explicit content on the internet.

Slowly this once in a while activity can turn into an addiction.

So it’s important that you install the Keylogger app on the teen’s smartphone. And whenever you see any kind of misuse of the internet, you have a conversation about it.

Similarly, the use of abusive and sexual words in messages can be a matter of great concern. Any kind of hatred and abuse spread by the child also needs to be tracked down. It can be related to religion, caste, or politics.

There can be a plethora of cases where the Keylogger can be a lifesaver for the kid.

Employee Tracking

employee tracking

In today’s time, there’s cutthroat competition for each and every business. At the same time, the greed to see the competitors failing is also increasing.

So in order to be on the safe side, it’s better if you have given the company cellphones to the employees at work. And not to forget, you are tracking their phones.

With a good spying app supporting your company, you can track all the activities of your employees at work.

Which apps they are using, what company information do they hold, and with whom the information has been shared? All the information about employee cell phone activity will be handy.

And who knows, someday you might save your business from collapsing by catching your employee sharing some confidential information with others.

Trust Building In Partners

build trust among partners

Trust is the base of all relationships. And the stronger the base the more that relationship will last.

But it’s really hard for the couples to trust each other at the initial stages. So in order to gain each other’s trust they can take the support of the spying apps. Not to forget, with each other’s consent.

These fantastic apps will always maintain transparency and make sure that your partner is completely faithful.

Once the trust among the partners is strong enough, you can get rid of the app anytime you want.

Best Android Keyloggers Without Root

Getting a Keylogger is easy, but getting the best one is a tough job. But you need not worry because we have already done the tough job for you.

Here is the list of spying apps with the best Keyloggers for Android.

1. KidsGuard Pro


Easy installation, quick updates, and simple interface are not the only factors of KidsGuard Pro that you will like. Its accurate keylogger is another thing that can easily win your heart.

Most of the spy apps fail to provide the user with a keylogger that is accurate and provides quick updates. But KidsGuard Pro carries both the factors under its sleeves.

As the app works in the hidden mode, the user won’t get to know that all their keystrokes are being tracked. And the target person won’t get any notification hence they won’t suspect the installation of a spy app on their device.

Other than simply performing the duty of a keylogger, the KidsGuard Pro keylogger feature also works like a clipboard for you.

Working as a clipboard means that whenever your child/spouse copy something from one place and paste it to another place, that too will be monitored by KidsGuard Pro and shown to you.

Every one of us uses the keyboard of our cell phone hundreds of times every day. So it can be really cumbersome if all the texts appear in one place. And you won’t be able to easily read all the conversations and everything they type.

But sorting of all the keylogger data can never be easier. KidsGuard Pro has divided all the keylogging activities into their respective sections.

For instance, you can go to the Chrome section to see all keystrokes performed in Chrome. Similarly, you need to go to the WhatsApp section to read all the messages typed by the target.

Inside a particular app, you can also search for a particular word if you want to know if there’s some talk going around that particular word. For example, if you want to know your lover has a date with someone, you can try to search for words like date, meeting, and so on.

But you should know that KidsGuard Pro’s keylogger search is case sensitive. It means that if you search for the word “date” and it’s available in the text as “Date” then you won’t get any results for your search. So, make sure that you search using such variations of the word.

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Learn more about KidsGuard Pro in our review.

2. FlexiSPY

flexispy - best keylogger for Android

People who know even a bit about spying apps will definitely be aware of FlexiSPY. It’s one of the best Android spying apps to monitor the kids, couples, and employees.

FlexiSPY is an allrounder app and its Keylogger also works as one would expect from a spy app. In fact, it has the best keylogger for Android from all the tracking apps we’ve tested so far.

With FlexiSPY, you will be able to see the keystrokes performed by the child along with the name of the apps on which it was performed.

Keystrokes will be visible from all the social media apps that your partner uses like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, or Snapchat.

best hidden Android keylogger - instagram keystrokes

In the case of kids and teens, the searches made on the browser need to be checked by the parents and this needs to be done frequently.

But you don’t need to worry as long as you have FlexiSPY by your side. The app extracts all the keystrokes performed on various browsers.

You can even see what does the target person likes to buy on Amazon and Walmart.

Other things include the numbers that your spouse dials on their phone and the contacts they are searching for.

Even the calculations done on the calculator can be seen.

Get Alerts For Specific Words

different flexispy alerts

Another impressive thing in FlexiSPY is the Alerts feature. Use of abusive words, or harsh words like murder, brutal, die, etc, are not at all acceptable from the kid. Whenever the FlexiSPY keylogger catches such keystrokes from the target device, it immediately gives a notification.

alert section for detection of wrong words

You can add the words for which you want the alert in the Keyword section of Alerts. The user gets to use all these impressive Keylogger features without even rooting the Android device.

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Learn more about FlexiSPY in our review.

3. uMobix

uMobix Android Keylogger

uMobix is one of those very few apps whose keylogger won our heart completely.

Exact tracking of the words and quick updates from the app makes uMobix keylogger a perfect choice for people who think their spouse has an extramarital affair, and they want to confirm their suspicion.

The moment you install uMobix on the target Android cell phone, all the keystrokes they perform from now onwards will start getting tracked.

With the name of the app available, you don’t need to wonder where a particular keystroke was performed. The date and time when that keystroke was made can also be seen.

The search bar makes the monitoring of data even more simple. Just type the words that you think your child should not use or your girlfriend/boyfriend might use if they have an affair. All the chats that include those words will appear.

With hundreds and thousands of keystrokes, it’s not possible to read all the keystrokes properly. So it’s better to help yourself by using the search option which can help you sort the data based on the app name and date.

If your teen uses incognito mode for making adult searches, even then you shouldn’t panic. All the keystrokes from the incognito window are also tracked.

Keep an eye on all the text that is been copied from one place and pasted to another. uMobix keylogger will keep a track of all that data as well.

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Learn more about uMobix in our review.

4. Spyic


The long list of Spyic features includes a keylogger for all the concerned parents who want to know beforehand, what their kids are planning behind their back.

The updates on keyloggers are quick. So if there’s something that demands quick action, you can totally rely on Spyic for that.

Keystrokes from all social media and instant messaging apps will be shown. So basically, you will remotely have complete knowledge of what’s going on in their life and if they are safe or not.

Other than social media and instant messaging apps, you can see what all they like to search and order on online retail stores.

Searches made on browsing apps like Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and so on can be easily seen. This can be really important for parents who suspect their teen of watching porn, brutality, and other content of inferior quality.

The search feature of the keylogger of Spyic is so deep that the results from the calculator app can also be seen. With all the keystrokes, the date and time when they were performed are also available for your assistance.

Just like KidsGuard Pro, Spyic keylogger also works like a clipboard. So if you are interested in knowing what all the target person copy and pastes from one place to another, Spyic will help you out.

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Learn more about Spyic in our review.

5. iKeyMonitor

ikeymonitor - Android keylogger without root

Whenever the list of best Android spying apps will be prepared, iKeyMonitor will always book its place. Similar is the case with its Keylogger.

iKeyMonitor’s remote Keylogger does exactly what it says. It collects the typed words from the target device and presents them before you. Moreover, its app icon can be hidden so it is undetectable.

The best thing about iKeyMonitor’s Keylogger is that it tracks the keystrokes performed on almost all the apps present on the kid’s phone.

What else does iKeyMonitor make possible? Along with the words, it will provide you with the time and date when the particular text was typed on the target cellphone.

The app on which the kid typed the following words is also viewable. These apps even include Messages, browsers, and retail stores like Amazon, and Walmart.

If you’re checking the data after a few days, there will be a heap of Keylogger activities to check. But you can save your precious time by looking for the keystrokes performed on a certain date.

alert feature ikeymonitor

Just like FlexiSPY, iKeyMonitor also has an Alerts section. Whenever some wrong, abusive words are used by the target person, you get an alert about it.

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Learn more about iKeyMonitor in our review.

6. mSpy

keylogger of mspy

mSpy is one of the oldest spy apps in the spy world and able to maintain its position as one of the best spy apps in the market. All thanks to its useful features like geofencing, and Keylogger.

Once the installation of the spy app is done on the target Android phone, monitoring of Keystrokes becomes possible remotely.

Under the Keylogger section of the app, you will see the list of keystrokes appearing along with the app name where the keystroke was made.

The Keylogger is one such feature that most of the spy apps are unable to provide accurately. In most of the monitoring apps, the Keylogger shows either incomplete or no data at all. But that’s not the case with mSpy.

The keystrokes that you see are complete and the date and time stamp with each keystroke makes the app’s Keylogger feature flawless.

The only thing that might not go up to your expectations is the sync speed of the data. mSpy usually takes 10-15 minutes to upload new data in its every section, and Keylogger is no exception.

A cell phone is something that is most used throughout the day, irrespective of who the user is. So it’s common that the list of Keystrokes is going to be quite long at the end of the day.

In order to simplify your spying, mSpy has come up with a sorting option using which you can extract the data only for a particular app, like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and so on.

In the case of kids, you might want to know if they use abusive words or not. To tackle this problem easily, you can use the Keyword tracking feature of the app. Just include all the words that the child might possibly use and tap on ADD. Now whenever the added word is used by the target person, you’ll get notified.

keyword tracking of mspy

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7. Cocospy

keylogger feature of cocospy

Keeping an eye on the teen’s messages and chats with Cocospy is not a bad idea.

It can be a great way to make sure that no one is bullying your kid online. Also, make sure that the kid is not in contact with an unknown person.

You will get the list of all the chats done and the searches made on various sites.

Keystroke is performed in the web browser, social media apps like Instagram and WhatsApp, and sites like Amazon and Walmart. People perform keystrokes daily to search for the content within the phone too. These contents are photos, videos, messages, phone numbers, apps, and even the content within the apps.

Cocospy keylogger can read the keystrokes performed on almost all the apps and present it on its dashboard remotely.

The date and time on which the keystroke was performed will be visible and the app on which it was done can be seen too.

The best thing is that the Cocospy app is hidden, so its keylogger is also hidden and undetectable.

Due to this, no amount of suspicion is raised in the mind of the target person that their keystrokes are being recorded.

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Learn more about Cocospy in our review.

Which App Offers The Best Remote Keylogger?

Having more than one option in hand is always good. But it also makes us stand in a position where we are not able to make the decision that which one to go for and which one to leave.

So we will be further telling you, which apps among the given seven provide the best Keylogger.

Talking about iKeyMonitor, uMobix, and Cocospy, the Keylogger of all the apps are really good when it comes to tracking of keystrokes.

But all three apps have certain limitations. Like, Cocospy sometimes doesn’t read the keystrokes at all.

This makes it really hard for the parents to know what their kids have been doing all that time when they were using the phone.

And if you doubt your partner of cheating, then you won’t be able to clear your suspicions if no keystrokes are provided.

As for iKeymonitor, the app takes a little time to update data on the dashboard.

Now let’s talk about FlexiSPYSpyic, and KidsGuard Pro, well there’s absolutely nothing that stops its Keylogger from topping the list.

The moment your kid, your partner, or employee types anything anywhere, you will get the update about it in no time and with great accuracy.

So, there’s no doubt that FlexiSPY, Spyic, and KidsGuard Pro offers the best Keylogger without root for Android to spy on kids, employees, and partners.

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Keylogger For Android FAQs

What is a Keylogger?

A keylogger is a software installed on the target device to extract the keystrokes that the target person perform on their device. Keyloggers are also used by hackers to get access to passwords, pins, and other sensitive information of others.

Are Keyloggers illegal?

If you have unauthorized access to someone’s phone, in that case, the use of Keyloggers is illegal.

Can Keyloggers be used on cell phones?

Yes, you can use keyloggers on cell phones with the help of spy apps. The spy apps have a pre-installed keylogger that monitors the keystrokes performed on the target device.

Can you install a Keylogger remotely?

It’s impossible to install a keylogger on the target cell phone remotely as it’s not possible to install the spy apps remotely in the first place. But once installed you can track the keystrokes remotely.

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