How to Get Your Girlfriend’s Text Messages on Your Phone for Free

Get Your Girlfriends Text Messages on Your Phone

Are you looking for a way to look through your girlfriend’s SMS messages for free and find out if she’s stabbing you in the back? If so, you might wonder how to get your girlfriend’s text messages on your phone for free?

That’s what we’ll find out today. For instance, this guide will get you through easy-to-follow steps on doing that. 

That being said, let’s dive in. 

How to Get Your Girlfriend’s Text Messages on Your Phone for Free?

After a detailed analysis of different available options for finding out who she is texting, we’ve concluded spy apps as the best way to do that.

Some alternatives to mobile spy apps are hiring a hacker or a hacker agency. Though, that’s way too expensive. Plus, it costs you the privacy of your girlfriend and could lead to the leaking of her personal data. 

When it comes to spying apps, the competitive ones are pretty secure and efficient. On top, they don’t make a big hole in your pocket. 

Over time, we’ve tested various top spy apps on the market for our spy app reviews. We were shocked to see that only a few of them are efficient and get the work done. 

We recommend mSpy the most to see who your girlfriend is texting for free. 

Moreover, with real-time data uploading, it becomes a great way to read your girlfriend’s messages without her phone. Plus, its free trial makes way for free-of-cost SMS spying, though for a limited time. 

mSpy — The Best App to See Who Your Girlfriend is Texting With

mspy 1

mSpy is one of the industry leaders in terms of spying apps. It came out back in 2010 and holds over 12 years of expertise to date. 

The app is one of the best ones we ever tested. Speaking of the installation, it was pretty much smooth. Their monitoring features were excellent, especially the basic ones, like SMS tracking.

Moreover, though mSpy misses out on the most advanced cell tracking features like ambient sound monitoring or remote camera access, it throws in all the basic ones you could ask for (more on this below).

For instance, mSpy lets you track your girlfriend’s call logs, location history, real-time location, and browsing history as well, alongside SMS tracking. 

Why do we recommend mSpy the most to see who your girlfriend is texting? Let’s find out.

Why mSpy Among All Others?

why mspy 1

You see, there’s huge competition in the market of spying apps. Every other person wants to spy on their partner, with parents and employers willing to track their kids and employees, respectively. 

To date, we narrowed down many top spying apps for testing and ranked mSpy as the #1 choice to get your girlfriend’s messages on your phone. Here’s why.

It’s Trustable and Reliable

mSpy is one of the most trustable spying apps around. Unlike apps that just come out into the market without expertise, mSpy has been around since 2010 and is leading the market. 

Furthermore, its trustworthiness is one of the main reasons over 1.5 million people have already chosen it. That gets you peace of mind knowing mSpy is a reliable and authoritative girlfriend tracker app that you can go for. 

Its Tracking Features Are Legit

It’s not uncommon for spying apps to advertise more features on their website than they can offer. 

During our testing, we came to see a few apps whose tracking features weren’t as accurate as they were supposed to be. 

For instance, the call recording feature was actually unable to record calls, the keylogger missed out on some keystrokes in between, and whatnot?

When it comes to mSpy, most of its cell tracking features are legit and accurate, especially the basic ones. The call logger works just fine and the SMS tracker is versatile & accurate. We found it to perform pretty well in other features we tested, too. 

It Offers a Free Trial

Not every other spying app offers a free trial with their subscription. However, mSpy does — it features a 7-day free trial that you can use to get your girlfriend’s text messages on your phone for free. 

The best part is, that the free trial still throws in all the essential cell phone monitoring features, like:

mspy free trial 3

It’s Easy-to-Use

Some spying apps tend to be pretty complex. Their installation can be time-consuming and tempting for beginners. Moreover, using their tracking features can also be hard with the terrible and outdated interface some of them offer. 

When it comes to mSpy, though its installation isn’t the easiest, it’s still a go-to choice for beginners. If you’re comfortable with following the instructions you’re provided with, step-by-step, you’re good to go with mSpy.

Furthermore, mSpy’s interface and monitoring dashboard are also optimized for beginners. The dashboard is equipped with a left-sidebar that has further categories for features to ensure easy navigation.

easy navigation mspy 2

mSpy Key Features

mspy key features 3

mSpy is a versatile cell tracker with various monitoring features. Here’s a brief overview of them:

  • Track all the call logs & SMS texts on your girlfriend’s phone with timestamps and sender/caller details.
  • Monitor the browsing searches of your girlfriend, including deleted and incognito searches. 
  • Track every keystroke your partner types on her phone. 
  • View the real-time location of your girlfriend as well as her location history. 
  • Read through her social media chats across various platforms, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and so on. 
  • Monitor her multimedia items (photos, videos, documents, etc).

mSpy Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use
  • 7-day free trial
  • Convenient UI
  • Efficient tracking features
  • Powerful SMS tracker
  • Doesn’t support Blackberry devices
  • It may require rooting for advanced features

Steps to Spy on Your Girlfriend With mSpy

Installing mSpy on your girlfriend’s smartphone is essential to get her text messages on your phone.

mspy installation 3

The installation can be either physical or remote, depending upon which mobile platform she uses — iOS (iPhone) or Android. 

Furthermore, the steps for installing mSpy on the target smartphone to monitor SMS messages vary, depending upon the platform (iOS or Android). 

An overview of mSpy’s installation:

  1. Create a free mSpy account and pick a subscription plan. 
  2. Install mSpy on the target smartphone and complete the configuration.
  3. Start monitoring!

With that being said, let’s dive into the details. 

Installing mSpy on Android

mSpy doesn’t require rooting for Android phones. If you’re not sure, Android phones are normally non-rooted. These are the installation steps for non-rooted (normal) Android devices.


  • A valid mSpy subscription
  • One-time access to the target Android phone

Step 1: Buy mSpy App Subscription

It’s essential to have a valid mSpy subscription to get your girlfriend’s messages on your phone for free, using it.

  • Head over to mSpy’s official website.
  • Click “Try Now” and create a mSpy account.
try mspy
  • Provide a valid email to sign up.
  • Now, confirm your email and pick a subscription plan. 

Step 2: Disable Play Protect

Disabling Google Play Protect is one of the factors in getting the target Android device ready for installation. 

  1. Get your hands on the target smartphone and open the Play Store.
  2. Tap the profile icon on the top right corner. 
  3. Tap Play Protect.
  4. Now, tap the gear icon on the top right corner.
  5. Toggle “Scan Apps with Play Protect” to Off.
  6. Toggle “Improve harmful app detection” to Off as well.
disabling play protect 1

To back up, the following options are supposed to be disabled to install mSpy:

  • Scan Apps with Play Protect
  • Improve harmful app detection

Step 3: Download mSpy

When you purchased the subscription, you might have received the confirmation email. It contains the link to download mSpy.

  1. Get access to the target Android phone.
  2. Open a browser and enable Incognito mode.
  3. Now, paste the downloading URL from the confirmation email and hit “Enter”.
  4. It might start downloading mSpy APK. If a popup comes up, tap “Allow from this source”.
  5. Wait for the downloading to complete.

Step 4: Install mSpy 

Once the downloading is finished, open the downloaded APK and tap install.

  • Wait for the installation to complete and then open the installed app. 

Hint: mSpy installs and shows itself as an “Update Service” app, don’t let it confuse you.

mspy as update service
  • When the app is opened, accept the license agreement.
  • It might ask for various permissions from the device for efficient monitoring, select “Allow” for all of them, one by one. 
  • Then, input the registration code you get to complete the installation.
  • Once it’s verified, tap “Complete installation

Step 5: Login & Start Monitoring

Now, head over to your mSpy dashboard and log in by using your credentials. Give mSpy some time to fetch information from the target smartphone and boom — you can now get your girlfriend’s messages on your phone, for free. 

Installing mSpy on iPhone (Non-Jailbreak)

Installing mSpy on a non-jailbreak (normal) iPhone is pretty convenient as you may not even need access to the target device. If you’re not sure, the installation for non-jailbreak iPhone devices is remote. 

Step 1: Sign Up and Pick a Subscription

Create a mSpy account to get a valid subscription and to install mSpy on an iPhone device.

  • Head over to mSpy’s website and click “Try Now”.
try mspy 1
  • Input a valid email address and pick one of the subscription plans. 
  • Make sure to pick the one for a non-jailbreak iPhone. 

Step 2: Input the iCloud Credentials

  1. Log into your mSpy dashboard using the login link provided with the confirmation email. 
  2. Input the iCloud credentials of your girlfriend’s iPhone device and allow mSpy to verify that. 
  3. Furthermore, make sure of the following things for it to work:
  • 2-factor authentication on the target phone is disabled.
  • iCloud backup is enabled. 

Step 3: Start Monitoring

That’s it, once the device is verified, you’re ready to find out who she has been texting for free. 

Installing mSpy on iPhone (Jailbreak)

Installing mSpy on a jailbroken iPhone unlocks some advanced cell tracking features, but it tends to be more complicated. 

Anyway, these are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Sign Up and Pick a Subscription

This step is the same as in non-jailbreak iPhone or non-rooted Android installation. However, make sure to select a jailbroken iPhone subscription. 

Step 2: mSpy Installation

  1. Get your hands-on on the jailbroken iPhone and open the Cydia app. 
  2. All jailbroken iPhone devices run this app as it allows unrestricted system access. 
  3. Then, head over to the Sources tab under the app. 
  4. Tap edit and select “Add Source”. 
  5. Enter mSpy’s download URL and allow the Cydia app to run an auto-update. 
  6. Then, tap “Return to Cydia”.
  7. Open Mtechnology LTD Depository — the source that was just installed. 
  8. Head over to All Packages > iPhoneInternalService > Install > Confirm.
  9. Allow Cydia to download & install mSpy automatically. 
  10. Find mSpy on the homepage (it’s called Update Services) and continue the installation. 

Step 3: Start Monitoring

Once the configuration is complete, according to the provided instructions, you’re good to see who she has been texting for free!

How to Get Your Girlfriend’s Text Messages on Your Phone for Free?

The best free way to get your girlfriend’s text messages on your smartphone is mSpy. It’s a spying app that features a 7-day free trial that you can sign up for. Furthermore, it has a versatile SMS tracking feature to help you spy on your girlfriend’s SMS texts thoroughly. 

How to Spy on My Girlfriend’s Text Messages?

mSpy makes it easy to spy on your girlfriend’s text messages. It lets you track them thoroughly, by monitoring SMS texts with timestamps & contact details. The app also has a free trial that might be helpful in determining who she is texting with. 

How Can I Read My Girlfriend’s Text Messages Without Her Phone?

The best way to read your girlfriend’s text messages without touching her phone is by using a spying app like mSpy. It offers remote installation for iPhone devices without physical access required. Moreover, it also throws in a free trial that you can sign up for, to find out if mSpy is a fit for you. 

How to Check My Girlfriend’s Text Messages for Free?

Here’s how you can check your girlfriend’s text messages for free, using mSpy:

  • Create a mSpy account and pick a subscription plan. 
  • Download & install mSpy on your girlfriend’s smartphone. 
  • Complete mSpy configuration and device verification. 
  • Start checking who she is texting for free!

Key Takeaways

  • The best way to get your girlfriend’s text messages on your phone for free is by using a spy app. 
  • Spy apps tend to be a cost-effective and efficient solution to spy on someone’s text messages, compared to hiring a hacker or such. 
  • After a detailed analysis, we’ve found out that mSpy is the best app you can use to get your girlfriend’s messages on your phone for free. 
  • mSpy is a competitive spying app that also offers a free trial for a limited time — you can use it for free-of-cost SMS tracking.
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