How to Spy on My Boyfriend’s Phone Without Him Knowing 

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We’ve all been there: wondering what our boyfriends are into. Spy on your boyfriend’s phone to reveal a lot of his online activities & information to you. 

You can not only monitor your boyfriend’s text messages, call logs and browser history, but may also be able to track his location as well as get geofence alerts. 

So, how to spy on your boyfriend? And, how to sync my boyfriend’s phone to mine? That’s what we’ll find out today. 

For instance, this guide will take you through easy-to-follow steps which you can follow to spy on your boyfriend’s phone. 

With that being said, let’s dive in.

How to Spy on My Boyfriend’s Phone Without Him Knowing

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The best way to spy on your boyfriend’s cell phone is using mSpy. It’s a leading spy app with over 1.5 million users around the world.

One of the main features of mSpy is the discrete mode. That way, it works secretly in the background of your boyfriend’s phone — making it possible to snoop through his device without him knowing. 

How mSpy works:

  1. You install mSpy on the target device
  2. The data from the device is synced with mSpy’s cloud servers
  3. You can access their data from your mSpy dashboard using your smartphone or computer anytime

Thankfully, mSpy is compatible with both iOS and Android. 

mSpy Key Cell Tracking Features

mspy key features

Below is an overview of the main cell tracking features offered by mSpy:

  • Call logs — Monitor your partner’s call logs to ensure he’s not cheating on you
  • GPS tracking — Track the real-time location of your partner
  • Geofencing — Set certain location walls and get alerts if your partner breaches them
  • Multimedia tracking — Spy on the multimedia files on your boyfriend’s phone including his images, videos, and documents
  • App tracking — Get an overview of installed apps 
  • Social media monitoring — Track your boyfriend’s social media activities across various social apps
  • Web history monitoring — View the browsing history of your boyfriend
  • Keylogging — Track all the keystrokes your boyfriend types on their phone

How to Sync My Boyfriend’s Phone to Mine (Android & iOS)

mspy installation

How to sync my boyfriend’s phone with mine for free? The best way to do that is using a spyware app like mSpy. Whether your boyfriend uses an iPhone or an Android device, mSpy supports both. However, the procedures can differ a little:

Android — mSpy doesn’t require rooting for Android. So, the installation is pretty straightforward. After you receive the confirmation email regarding your subscription from mSpy, you get a download link and instructions on how to install mSpy on the target phone. 

iPhone (iOS) — mSpy doesn’t require jailbreak for iPhone, but some advanced features do require it. Either way, mSpy boasts remote installation for iPhone devices. 

Let’s now dive into the details.

Spy on Your Boyfriend’s Android Device

How to sync my boyfriend’s Android phone with mine? Follow these steps to do that. 

Step 1: Create an account at mSpy. All it takes is a valid email address to get started.

create mspy account 1

Step 2: Pick a subscription plan that suits your needs or sign up for the 7-day free trial.

choose a subscription 1

Step 3: Install mSpy on your boyfriend’s Android phone. It might require physical access. mSpy’s confirmation email will provide you with the instructions on how to make it done.

Step 4: Log in to your mSpy dashboard from a browser and pick “Android” for Android monitoring.

choose android target device 1

Step 5: That’s it — mSpy will take a little while to fetch the data from your boyfriend’s phone and you’re all set!

Once the setup is complete, you can visit the mSpy dashboard regularly to monitor everything that happens on your partner’s phone. 

Spy on Your Boyfriend’s iOS Device

Spying on an iPhone (iOS device) with mSpy gives you two options for installation. If you’re looking forward to unlocking advanced tracking features, jailbreak might be required. The procedures for installing mSpy with and without jailbreak are listed below. 

With Jailbreak

Before you consider jailbreaking your boyfriend’s phone, know that only iOS versions from 7 up to 9.1 support it. However, there’re steps involved in monitoring a jailbroken iPhone with mSpy:

  • Step 1: Jailbreak the target iOS phone to install mSpy
  • Step 2: Download mSpy from the given link and install it
installing mspy iphone jailbreak 1
  • Step 3: Head over to your mSpy dashboard and start monitoring!
log into mspy dashboard

This method requires physical access to the target phone and can take over 10-15 minutes or more. 

Without Jailbreak

Proceeding mSpy installation without jailbreak will require your boyfriend’s iCloud credentials. Plus, the installation will be remote as long as the iCloud backup is enabled and the device doesn’t have 2FA authentication. 

  1. Input the iCloud credentials of your partner on the mSpy dashboard
  2. Make sure iCloud backup is enabled on his phone
  3. Make sure his device is not protected with 2FA authentication
  4. mSpy will take a while to fetch data and that’s it — you can now spy on your boyfriend’s phone without touching it

mSpy Pros & Cons

The main advantages and downsides of mSpy are listed below:

  • Easy to use and doesn’t require technical knowledge
  • Offers comprehensive monitoring features
  • Optimized for silent monitoring to spy on your boyfriend without him knowing
  • Supports various social media platforms for monitoring
  • Features a free 7-day trial that anyone can sign up for
  • Not compatible with Symbian and Blackberry phones
  • Lacks some features like call recording

How to Spy on Boyfriend’s Phone Without Touching it for Free?

The best way to spy on your cheating boyfriend’s phone for free is to use a spy app like mSpy. It offers a 7-day free trial which you can use to sync your boyfriend’s phone with yours for free. 

However, if you’re looking forward to a free way to monitor your partner’s phone activities for the long term, you can go for free online websites that offer this service. 

Since our review experts have tested plenty of such options, we don’t recommend these free websites. The main downsides of using them are the following:

  • Malware — Malware is everywhere on the internet. The authoritative websites try to keep users as far away from it as possible. But spreading malware is one of the main purposes of spammy sites. So, you could risk out sensitive data on your phone by using such a service. 
  • Password cracking — When you use an untrusted free spying website, you’re risking your boyfriend’s private information like passwords and credit card details on their smartphone. 
  • Information sharing — It’s not uncommon to have such free sites asking for a lot of permissions on the target phone. It’s possible that they leak out your boyfriend’s private information or hand it over to cybercriminals. 

How Do I Install Spyware on My Boyfriend’s Phone?

The best way to install spyware on your boyfriend’s phone is to use a spy application like mSpy. It boasts easy installation for both Android and iOS devices. In fact, you can even put spyware on an iOS phone remotely using mSpy.

How to Go Through Your Boyfriend’s Phone Without Him Knowing?

If you want to go through your boyfriend’s phone secretly, we would recommend using a hidden cell phone tracker like mSpy. Our review experts have ranked it as one of the top undetectable spy apps. Furthermore, it also offers a free trial you can use. 

How to Hack My Boyfriend’s Phone?

If you want to hack your boyfriend’s phone and monitor all his smartphone information, you can install spyware like mSpy on his phone. mSpy offers easy installation and throws in plenty of tracking features like call log, SMS, location, keystrokes, and social media tracking.

What is the Best App to Spy on My Boyfriend’s Phone?

mSpy is the leading app to be used to spy on your boyfriend’s phone. It provides you with all the information you’d like to track on your partner’s phone, with a convenient dashboard overview. You can track his call logs, text messages, location, app usage, and contact list.

Key Takeaways

How to spy on your boyfriend’s phone? Here are the takeaways:

  • The best way to link your boyfriend’s phone to yours is using a spy app like mSpy.
  • mSpy is a leading boyfriend tracking app that has been around for a decade and holds 1.5 million users.
  • mSpy offers a free trial and is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. 
  • It offers easy installation for both Android and iOS. 
  • However, Android installation requires physical access to the target phone, whereas you can install mSpy on iPhone without touching it. 

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