How Can I See Who My Boyfriend is Texting for Free?

How Can I See Who My Boyfriend is Texting for Free

Let’s get it out there: you’re wondering who your boyfriend keeps chatting with on the phone. And you want to make sure he’s not cheating on you. So, how can you see who your boyfriend is texting for free? That’s what we’ll find out today.

For instance, this article will get you through the detailed instructions on how to track your boyfriend’s text messages without him knowing. 

With that being said, let’s dive in. 

How Can You Track Your Boyfriend’s Text Messages?

So far the most convenient way to track someone’s SMS texts is using spy software. The spy apps make it easy to track someone’s phone and monitor the information you’d like to. 

For instance, the general spy apps on the market offer a wide range of cell tracking features that include call logs, SMS tracking, location monitoring, keylogging, and so on. 

Since some apps also offer a free trial, you can find out if your boyfriend is cheating on you by spying on their texts with that free trial.

Our review experts have tested dozens of spy apps over time. They have paid special attention to functionality, efficiency, pricing, and a number of tracking features during testing. 

mspy free trial

Now, let’s take a closer look at mSpy. 

mSpy — Best Tool to Track Your Boyfriend’s Text Messages

mspy android spy app

mSpy is one of the most popular SMS tracking apps on the market. It has over 1.5 million worldwide customers and offers an extensive catalog of cell tracking features. 

However, there are dozens of other SMS trackers on the market too. Why should you go for mSpy? Here’s why.

Why mSpy?

There is no lack of available options when it comes to SMS trackers. But, our review experts found that a lot of cell phone trackers aren’t that efficient. They take up a lot in fetching data and miss out on good functionality.

mSpy, on the other hand, offers efficient spying features to help you monitor your boyfriend’s smartphone thoroughly. 

Another superiority of mSpy is its user friendly design. It offers all-in instructions for installation with the confirmation email following the signup. 

mspy installation 1

What is more, mSpy is designed for hidden cell tracking. This way, your boyfriend won’t be able to detect he’s being spied on. 

As an extra, mSpy supports iOS devices running OS 7+ and Android devices running OS.

How Does mSpy Work on a Device?

  • Firstly, you install mSpy on your boyfriend’s phone
  • Once the installation is complete, the app fetches data from the target phone and stores it into its cloud servers
  • You get the access to data through your mSpy dashboard

note: mSpy requires the target phone to be connected to the internet in order to fetch data. How far his device is from yours, however, doesn’t matter.

mSpy Key Features

mSpy is a versatile cell tracking app. It offers a variety of additional features alongside SMS tracking. 

mspy key features 1

Some of them:

  • Track your partner’s call logs & SMS texts with timestamps & contact details. 
  • Monitor your boyfriend’s real-time GPS location.
  • Set geofences and get alerts if your boyfriend breaches them. 
  • Track your boyfriend’s social media messages and activities. 
  • Monitor all the sent/received emails with recipient details.
  • Track their browser history along with website blocking. 
  • Keep track of apps on your partner’s phone. 

How Much Does mSpy Cost?

You can check out an overwiev of mSpy’s pricing plans below.

mspy pricing

Can I Use mSpy for Free?

Thankfully, mSpy offers a free trial that you can use for free cell phone & SMS tracking up and running. However, the free trial is viable for a limited period. Then, you can upgrade to their premium plan. 

Downloading mSpy

As mentioned before, mSpy supports both iOS and Android phones. An overview of mSpy’s installation steps across these platforms is listed below. 

mSpy for iOS

You can use mSpy to spy on either a jailbroken iOS phone or a non-jailbreak device. However, the installation procedures for these devices differs. 

If your boyfriend’s phone is non-jailbreak, which iPhones normally are, you’ll have to go with the following method. In this procedure, the installation is remote. 

Mind that it requires: 

  • iCloud credentials of the target user. 
  • Enabling iCloud backups on the target phone (if disabled).
  • Disabling 2-factor authentication (if enabled).

Installation steps are the following:

  1. Sign up for a non-jailbreak plan at mSpy and pick a subscription plan. Once the subscription is confirmed, open the confirmation email and find the installation instructions you’re provided with. 
  2. Input the iCloud your boyfriend’s credentials on the mSpy dashboard and wait for mSpy to fetch data from the target phone. Make sure iCloud backup on his phone is enabled and 2-fa is disabled. 
  3. That’s it — start monitoring your boyfriend’s text messages with mSpy’s dashboard!
mspy dashboard

mSpy for Android

mSpy doesn’t require rooting for Android, so you can simply monitor it. mSpy’s installation mainly involves the following steps: 

  1. Create a mSpy account and pick an Android plan. Open the confirmation email from mSpy and go through the provided instructions. 
  2. Download and install mSpy on the target Android phone using the provided link. Follow the instructions mentioned in the email and configure the app. Provide it with the permissions it requires for monitoring. 
  3. You are all done — wait for mSpy to fetch data, log into your dashboard, and you’re ready to find out who your boyfriend is texting!

Best mSpy Alternative — Flexispy

flexispy android spy app

Don’t quite like mSpy? No worries — we have another contestant on the floor!

Flexispy is one of the top mSpy alternatives on the market. It’s another fantastic app our review experts have found, in terms of quick data syncing and functionality.

Obviously, you’d like your monitoring dashboard to be interactive and catchy for a convenient SMS tracking experience. Unfortunately, Flexispy’s interface is not that attractive compared to mSpy. 

Still, Flexispy is an excellent option if advanced cell phone tracking, versatile compatibility, and functionality are your top concerns. 

Flexispy Key Features

Flexispy’s top spying features:

  • Monitor everything your boyfriend types on their smartphone.
  • View browsing history of your partner, including their deleted and private searches. 
  • Track the multimedia files on the target phone. 
  • Capture app screenshots from the target device in real-time.
  • Record your partner’s calls to find out if they’re cheating.
  • Listen to your partner’s whereabouts with mic access. 

How Much Does Flexispy Cost?

Flexispy’s Android pricing:

flexispy android pricing

Flexispy’s iOS pricing:

flexispy ios pricing

Who Should Go for Flexispy Instead of mSpy?

Overall, mSpy is the most recommended option to spy on your boyfriend’s SMS texts. However, Flexispy may fit you better if you:

  • Want to spy on an iPad (Flexispy supports it).
  • Look for advanced features like call recording & ambient sound recording. 
  • Want a really fast data syncing speed.
  • Want to spy on much older versions of iOS or Android. 

Is It Possible to Check My Boyfriend’s Text Messages Without His Phone?

You can check your boyfriend’s text messages without his phone. Though, it requires physical access to the target phone once, while installation. If your boyfriend has an iOS device, remote installation is also possible with apps like mSpy. 

Is It Okay to Check Your Boyfriend’s Text Messages Even if He Is Cheating?

Spying on your boyfriend’s text messages can definitely help you find out who he is engaged in. Nonetheless, note that spying on your boyfriend without him knowing is against the law and could make you a criminal. 

Key Takeaways

  • Using a spy app is the best way to see who your boyfriend is texting with, for free. 
  • The best cell tracking app to track your boyfriend’s text messages is mSpy.
  • mSpy is a competitive spy app that has been in business for over 11 years and holds over 1.5 million customers.
  • It also offers a free trial that you can use to evaluate mSpy’s services by finding out if your boyfriend is cheating on you, for free.

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