How to Read My Wife’s Text Messages From My Phone for FREE

read my wifes text messages from my phone

You’re wondering who your wife texts all the time and where she goes secretly. That might have made you ask yourself “how to read my wife’s text messages from my phone?”

I mean, seriously, how can you track your wife’s text messages? That’s what we’ll find out today. In particular, this guide will give you detailed instructions on how to spy on anyone’s SMS messages. 

With that being said, let’s dive in. 

How to Read My Wife’s Text Messages From My Phone

The best way to read your wife’s text messages from your phone is by installing a spy app on her smartphone. 

The procedure is generally pretty convenient and only requires one-time access to the target smartphone. Once you’ve installed the spy app, you can remotely read your wife’s text messages from your phone. 

However, the problem arises when it comes to deciding between the dozens of spy apps available. After a detailed analysis and testing, our review experts have concluded that mSpy is the best way to catch a cheating wife

mspy android spy app 2 1

The app also offers a free trial that we recommend to those looking for free-of-cost SMS tracking. The best part is, that this free trial still includes most of the tracking features of mSpy:

mspy free trial 2 1

Furthermore, mSpy also has a live demo that you can access on their website right away. It gives you an overview of mSpy’s dashboard.

mspy dashboard 1

How does mSpy work? How can you use it to find out who your wife is texting? Let’s find out.

How to Read My Wife’s Text Messages Without Her Phone, Using mSpy?

How mSpy works is: you first install it on the target smartphone. Once the installation is complete, mSpy starts to upload data from the target phone into its cloud servers. 

These cloud servers are linked to the mSpy dashboard that you can access from literally any device with an internet — preferably your smartphone or laptop/computer. 

That’s it — you can see your wife’s SMS messages for free, from your mSpy dashboard. 

how does mspy work

How can I check my wife’s text messages without her knowing? Here’s how to do that. 

  1. Create a mSpy account and pick a subscription plan. 
  2. Install mSpy on the target phone and finalize the configuration. 
  3. Start monitoring with mSpy!

Why mSpy

If you’re wondering why mSpy is the top choice of our review experts for SMS tracking, check out the major reasons for that listed below. 

It’s Authoritative & Trustable

Of course, you don’t want to put your wife’s smartphone data into the hands of someone you don’t trust. Plus, you’re paying for a service when you purchase a spy app. Obviously, it’s important for your target option to be reliable.

When it comes to mSpy, it came out back in 2010 and holds 1.5 million customers as of 2022. Furthermore, the app serves around 190 countries worldwide. 

Apart from that, mSpy has been featured on various top organizations like Los Angeles Times, Tech Times, and Phandroid. You certainly can’t go wrong with mSpy. 

los angeles times mspy
phandroid mspy
tech times mspy

A Comprehensive SMS Tracker

mSpy’s SMS tracker is versatile and effective. It offers a range of details like:

  • Sent and received messages
  • Deleted messages
  • Timestamps
  • Sender’s details

Moreover, you may also be able to track the multimedia files shared through SMS messages, depending upon the target device. 

An overview of mSpy’s SMS tracker:

mspy sms tracker overview 1

It Offers Hidden SMS Tracking

There’s a valid reason for mSpy being a leading SMS tracking app despite a wide range of competitors. The app is optimized for hidden cell phone monitoring. 

According to our review experts, the app binds its files with the operating system files during the installation. That way, it never comes under the eye of an anti-malware software or the target user.

To be clear, mSpy presents itself as one of the Update Service Apps on the target phone which keeps it hidden. 

How to Install mSpy to Track My Wife’s SMS Messages?

mspy installation 1 2

mSpy is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. However, the installation procedures for both these devices differ. Furthermore, mSpy doesn’t require jailbreak or rooting for iOS and Android respectively.

What is Jailbreaking?

Simply put, jailbreaking refers to unlocking the operating system limitations on an iPhone device. People use jailbreaking to get more flexibility in making an iPhone device work exactly as they want. 

For instance, jailbreaking could help in installing more variety of apps or using the device for wider purposes. However, at the same time, it affects the security of the jailbroken iOS device.

What is Rooting?

Rooting is pretty similar to jailbreaking but this term is used for Android phones. Compared to jailbreaking, rooting tends to be simpler and safer since Android is an open-source operating system whereas iOS isn’t. 

To be frank, both rooting and jailbreaking can be tempting procedures and are not recommended for not-so-tech-savvy users at all. 

Nevertheless, having the target smartphone jailbroken or rooting unlocks some additional spying features as the device’s usability becomes more versatile.

As it was mentioned before, the basic features of mSpy don’t require either rooting or jailbreaking. 

Creating mSpy Account

Installing mSpy requires you to have a valid mSpy account. In order to create that, head over to mSpy’s website and click “Try Now” to attain the free trial. 

mspy try now 2

The account creation process is simple. It requires a valid email address to get started.

create mspy account 2

Installing mSpy on iPhone

Here’s an overview of the procedure for installing mSpy on your wife’s iPhone.


  1. A valid mSpy iOS account
  2. iCloud credentials of the target iPhone
  • Get your hands-on on the target iPhone device and make sure:
  1. iCloud backup is enabled. 
  2. 2-factor authentication is disabled. 
  • Head over to your mSpy dashboard and select whether you want to install mSpy on a non-jailbreak or a jailbreak iPhone device. 

Tip: The iPhone devices are normally and mostly non-jailbreak.

  • Input the iCloud credentials of the account the target device is running off. 
  • Complete the configuration (monitoring settings) and give mSpy some time to fetch data from your wife’s smartphone. 
  • That’s it — you can now read your wife’s text messages right from your phone! 

Installing mSpy on Android

mSpy’s installation on Android is somewhat different. Here’s what you got to do.


  1. One-time physical access to the target Android. 
  2. A valid mSpy Android account. 
  • Get physical access to your wife’s Android phone. Note that the installation can take up to 10-15 minutes as you have to actually install the mSpy app for Android monitoring. 
  • Open Google Play Store on the target Android phone and make sure:
  1. “Scan Apps with Play Protect” is disabled (to install mSpy). 
  2. PlayStore’s notifications are disabled (to hide that Play Protect is turned off).
disabling play protect 1
  • Now, head over to your mSpy dashboard and find the unique URL for app download. 
  • Copy the URL to a browser and hit enter (we recommend using incognito mode to hide this browsing activity).
  • Follow mSpy’s instructions to start downloading the app. 
  • Once the app is downloaded, navigate it in the file manager, tap on it, and tap “Install”.
  • If the popup “Unknown Apps cannot be installed” appears, tap “Allow from this source” to make mSpy’s installation possible. 
  • Next, install the app and open it after the installation is complete. 
  • When you open the app, it will ask for various permissions for monitoring, keep selecting “Allow” to proceed with the configuration. 
tap allow to complete configuration 1
  • Once the configuration is complete, tap “complete installation”. 
  • Be sure to copy the mSpy’s device code from the app during installation and put it in your mSpy dashboard to confirm the installation. 
  • That’s all — head over to your dashboard and start monitoring the target device. 

You’re wondering if your wife would find out that there’s spyware on her phone by seeing the mSpy icon? 

Well, there’s nothing to worry about. The app installs itself as an “Update Service”. And how often do we pay attention to Update Service Apps? Likely never. 

How to Sync Messages With iCloud

Apple offers incredible synchronization for their devices. That way, all the data on an iPhone device usually automatically backs up into the iCloud account that the device is running on. 

That way, if you’re aware of your wife’s iCloud credentials, spying on her iPhone to read her SMS messages could get easier. 

Here’s how you can check your wife’s text messages for free:

  1. Get hands-on on your wife’s iPhone. 
  2. Open settings on her iPhone device and tap her ID menu. 
  3. Now, tap iCloud on her phone. 
  4. Scroll down to “Messages” under “Apps using iCloud and toggle the switch to turn it on — it’ll turn green that way. 

That’s it, following these steps will sync all the text messages on the iPhone device to the iCloud account. When you have access to her iCloud credentials, you can read your wife’s text messages right from your phone. 

How to Read My Wife’s Text Messages for Free?

The best way to read your wife’s text messages for free is by using a spy app like mSpy. mSpy offers a free trial that lasts for 7 days. You can use it for free to find out if your wife is cheating on you by tracking her SMS texts for over a week. 

Is There a Way to Read My Wife’s Text Messages?

Reading your wife’s text messages using your phone is totally possible. You can install a spy app like mSpy to your wife’s phone and monitor all her smartphone activities including her call logs, SMS texts, real-time location, etc., conveniently — right from your dashboard.

Can I Get a Copy of My Spouse’s Text Messages?

Spy apps like mSpy give a breakdown or a copy of your partner’s text messages with a convenient overview. Speaking of mSpy, it lets you track all your spouse’s sent & received messages, timestamps, and sender details. 

Is There an App to See Who Your Spouse Is Texting?

The best spying app to see who your spouse texts is mSpy. Our review experts found it to be the most effective couples tracker for SMS tracking. It supports both Android & iOS devices and offers lots of cell tracking features to help you spy on your partner. 

Key Takeaways

How to read my wife’s text messages from my phone, for free? Here are the takeaways:

  • The best way to read your wife’s text messages from your smartphone is by using a spy app like mSpy.
  • mSpy is a leading SMS tracking app that came out in 2010 and is taken as a trustable option. 
  • It also offers a 7-day free trial that you can use to track your wife’s text messages. 
  • mSpy supports both Android and iOS devices without rooting or jailbreak required. 
  • The app offers a wide range of cell tracking features other than SMS tracking as well.
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