Hidden Keyloggers for iPhone [Complete Guide 2024]

best keyloggers for iphone

We’ve all been there: willing to spy on our partners’ keystrokes to monitor everything they type on their phones — their chats, Google searches, and whatnot? Then you’ll need hidden keyloggers for iPhone if they own one.

So, what are the best of hidden keyloggers for iPhone in 2022? That we’ll find out today. 

To back up, this guide will walk you through in-depth reviews of the top iPhone keyloggers. With pros, cons, and price structures at hand, we’ll make it easy for you to pick a keylogger for your needs. 

With that out of the way, let’s roll in. 

AppLinkJailbreakiPhone (Annual term) 
mSpyLearn MoreNot required$16.66/mo
uMobixLearn MoreNot required$14.99/mo
SpyBubble ProLearn MoreNot required$8.42/mo
CocospyLearn MoreNot required$9.99/mo
FlexispyLearn MoreRequired $12.41/mo
XnspyLearn MoreNot required$4.99/mo 

Best Keylogger for iPhone Overall: mSpy

mspy iphone spy app 1
  • Easy to use
  • Quick & remote iPhone installation
  • 7-day free trial
  • Undetectable
  • Jailbreak is required for some features

mSpy is today’s top pick among hidden keyloggers for iPhone. It has been in business for over a decade and has expanded to 36+ spying features for cell phones. 

With a user base of over one million, mSpy is a trusted and authoritative keylogger to monitor your partner’s key logs. 

One of the main reasons we chose mSpy as the best keylogger for the iPhone is its support for iPhone tracking. Unlike apps that miss out on many spying features when it comes to iPhone tracking, mSpy is a great fit according to our review experts. 

The best part is, that many of the great features at mSpy don’t require you to jailbreak the target iPhone device. Speaking of keylogging particularly, you’re good to go without jailbreaking.

Other than that, mSpy boasts a remote installation for iPhone phones. Here is their 3-step installation process.

  • Sign up at mSpy and avail of the free trial.
  • Configure mSpy on the target iPhone by inputting its iCloud credentials. 
  • Start monitoring with mSpy!
mspy iphone spy app setup 1

Key Features

Below are the best mSpy features for iOS devices:

  • Monitor all the keystrokes on your partner’s phone with details of opened apps during the typing, timestamps, and copied texts. 
  • Track the incoming/outgoing calls and sent/received messages on your partner’s iPhone with contact details. 
  • Look into the web browsing history of your partner. 
  • Track multimedia files on the target iPhone. 
  • See the real-time location of your partner. 

mSpy Compatibility

mSpy is compatible with all iPhone devices. It doesn’t require jailbreaking for most of its features and boasts a remote iPhone installation. Other than that, mSpy also supports Android tracking. 

mSpy Prices

mSpy comes with a range of plans to suit different needs. 

  • 1-month subscription— $69.99/mo.
  • 3-month subscription — $39.99/mo.
  • Annual subscription — $16.99/mo.

mSpy — Final Verdict

mSpy is doubtlessly the best of hidden keyloggers for iPhone. The features like a 7-day free trial and free demo are a significant addition. 

Speaking of the free demo, it helps you feel the dashboard of mSpy that you’ll be using to monitor your partner’s iPhone. 

Best Keystroke Logger for iPhone: uMobix

uMobix iphone spy app 1
  • iMessage tracking for iPhone devices
  • Versatile social media tracking
  • Easy to use
  • Thorough tutorials
  • Plans are limited to a single device
  • No free trial

uMobix is a significant mSpy competitor. It’s relatively young but its offering of excellent tracking features has earned it a great reputation ever since its inception. 

One of its main features is social media tracking. With the support of 30+ social media apps, it helps you effectively monitor your partner’s social presence across different platforms. 

Furthermore, uMobix also lets you spy on dating apps on your partner’s phones to ensure they’re not interested in someone else. 

The installation of uMobix on the iPhone is similar to that of mSpy. It’s remote and easier compared to Android installation. 

uMobix iphone spy app setup 1

Key Features

Below are the main uMobix features:

  • Use Facebook and Instagram of your partner as account admin with full control. 
  • Access the contact list on your spouse’s phone including renamed and deleted contacts. 
  • Track iMessages on the target iPhone device as well as call logs. 

uMobix Compatibility

uMobix supports all iOS and Android devices. Thankfully, it offers remote iPhone installation as long as you know your partner’s iCloud credentials. 

uMobix Prices

uMobix has specialized plans for Android and iOS platforms. Below is the pricing for iOS devices:

  • Basic plan — $29.99/mo — month-to-month subscription.
  • Premium plan — $49.99/mo — month-to-month subscription.
  • Premium plan — $12.49/mo — 12-month subscription.

uMobix — Final Verdict

uMobix is the best iPhone keylogger for people willing to track social media apps on their partner’s phone as well. Though it doesn’t offer a free trial, uMobix does have a free demo that can avail access to their tracking interface. 

Best Hidden iPhone Keylogger: SpyBubble Pro

spybubble iphone spy app 1
  • Camera access
  • Audio streaming
  • Refund guarantee
  • Wifi blocking
  • No free trial or demo

SpyBubble is a unique spy app to catch cheating partners — it could be a wife, husband, girlfriend, or boyfriend. One of the main highlights of SpyBubble is the control it offers over the target device. 

To be clear, SpyBubble claims to offer Wifi blocking, app blocking, web blocking, and many similar features. It even throws in a device-shutdown feature to block the target phone. 

Furthermore, SpyBubble offers 41 tracking features in total. However, some of these may be limited to Android. 

The keylogger of SpyBubble offers all the basic features like tracking keystrokes with timestamps and opening apps. You can also see the copied texts that could be passwords or credit card details.

Key Features

Here are the top SpyBubble features for iPhone devices. 

  • With an intelligent detector, SpyBubble detects and lets you spy on the dating apps on your partner’s phone.  
  • SpyBubble alerts you if the target user changes their phone sim. 
  • Schedule the target device’s camera to take photos or videos with camera access. 
  • Stream audio around your partner’s device with microphone access.

SpyBubble Pro Compatibility

SpyBubble offers strong compatibility with iOS phones. Like previous apps, it doesn’t require jailbreaking for starters and you can install it remotely. 

SpyBubble Pro Prices

SpyBubble has Basic and Full plans for iOS monitoring:

  • Basic plan — $25.49/mo — monthly subscription.
  • Full plan — $42.49/mo — monthly subscription.
  • Full plan — $22.66/mo — 3-month subscription.
  • Full plan — $10.62/mo — an annual subscription.

SpyBubble Pro — Final Verdict

With target device control and stealth mode being the highlight, SpyBubble is one of the best hidden keyloggers for iPhone. Moreover, it also throws in a 14-day money-back guarantee that you can benefit from in case you don’t like what SpyBubble offers. 

Best iOS Keylogger for Apple Devices: Cocospy

cocospy iphone spy app 1
  • Competitive pricing
  • Most features are available without jailbreak
  • 60-day refund commitment
  • Geofencing
  • No camera control

One of the best hidden keyloggers for iPhone due to the balance between pricing and functionality is Cocospy. 

It throws in an exceptional 60-day money-back guarantee that makes you fearless during the purchase — knowing you can ask for a refund if Cocospy doesn’t deliver what it promises. 

Furthermore, Cocospy comes with a minimal requirement for jailbreaking. To be clear, most of the cell tracking features of Cocospy don’t require it. Some advanced ones do, however. 

Other than that, Cocospy is optimized for silent monitoring. It binds itself with the operating system files on the target phone to ensure no anti-malware program can catch it. 

Key Features

Here are the top Cocospy features for iOS:

  • Monitor the major social media apps on the target phone and track texts, multimedia files, and contact details alongside timestamps.
  • Track your spouse’s Google searches including their deleted web history.  
  • See the real-time location coordinates of your partner to ensure they’re not cheating on you. 
  • Monitor the multimedia files on the target user’s phone including their photos and videos. 

Cocospy Compatibility

Cocospy supports all Apple’s iOS devices that run off iOS 7 and up. Whichever iOS plan you pick, there is no requirement of jailbreaking. Furthermore, the app is also compatible with Android. 

Cocospy Prices

Cocospy is neither too cheap nor expensive. Below are the details of their iOS plans:

  • Premium Plan — $10.83/mo — annual subscription — 1 device.
  • Family Plan — $33.33 — annual subscription — 5 devices.
  • Business Plan— $83.33 — annual subscription — 25 devices.

Cocospy — Final Verdict

If you’re looking for an undetectable iPhone keylogger that you can use for free by using the refund guarantee, Cocospy is your best bet. With a 60-day refund commitment, Cocospy offers the largest money-back guarantee around. 

Best Keylogger for iPad: Flexispy

flexispy iphone tracker 1
  • Camera control
  • Surrounding audio streaming
  • Compatible with many platforms
  • Customized event alerts
  • UI could be better

Flexispy is yet another excellent iPhone keylogger that offers silent keystroke tracking. It offers a free version and a decent list of cell tracking features that lead it to today’s list.

The app is renowned for its versatile platform support and fantastic features like recording ambient sound and controlling the device camera. 

Key Features

Here are some tracking features of Flexispy:

  • Stream the ambient sound of your partner’s iPhone to hear everything all around. 
  • Listen to your partner’s phone calls to make sure they’re not stabbing you in the back. 
  • Set custom alerts and keywords to get notified if these phrases or words are used anywhere. 
  • Schedule camera shots on your partner’s iPhone to get instant proof of what’s happening around it. 

Flexispy Compatibility

Flexispy supports all iPhone and iPad devices. You can use their search feature to instantly find out if your spouse’s smartphone is compatible. 

Furthermore, the app is also compatible with iOS, macOS, and Windows platforms. 

Flexispy Prices

Flexispy offers different plans for different needs:

  • Lite plan — $29.95/mo — monthly subscription.
  • Premium package — $68/mo — monthly subscription. 
  • Extreme plan — $199/mo — 3-month subscription.

Flexispy — Final Verdict

If you’re looking forward to monitoring other platforms too, alongside iOS, Flexispy is a great way to go. Though its pricing is a bit sharp and the advanced features are somewhat limited to higher plans, Flexispy is worth what you pay.

Best iPhone Keylogger With No Jailbreak: Xnspy

xnspy iphone keylogger
  • Stealth mode
  • Web browsing tracking
  • Easy to use
  • Transparent details
  • Limited iPhone tracking features

Lastly, here we’ve got Xnspy. One of the best parts about Xnspy is that it doesn’t require jailbreaking for a range of cell tracking features. 

Other than that, Xnspy specializes in undetectable iPhone monitoring to ensure your partner doesn’t know you’re spying on their keystrokes and the entire phone. 

Xnspy also offers a demo that you can access to get an estimate of what Xnspy features. This demo takes you to their dashboard which gives you a breakdown of the available tracking features along with data, graphs, timestamps, and so on. 

Key Features

Here are some great features of Xnspy:

  • Get notified as your partner backs something up in their iCloud account.
  • Monitor your spouse’s web history with a breakdown of frequent websites. 
  • Track the GPS location of the target iOS device.

Xnspy Compatibility

Xnspy supports all Apple’s mobile devices with iOS 6 and above versions. The app offers remote installation for iOS unless you don’t know the target user’s iCloud credentials or the device has 2-FA enabled. It also supports Android devices running Android 4.x up to 11.

Xnspy Prices

Below are the prices of Xnspy’s annual plans:

  • XNSPY Basic Edition — starts from $4.99/mo.
  • XNSPY Premium Edition — starts from $7.49/mo.

Xnspy — Final Verdict

Though not as popular as some other options on the list, the offering of excellent features for cheap pricing makes Xnspy a great way to go. 

Can You Put a Keylogger on an iPhone?

You can put a keylogger on an iPhone to monitor all the keystrokes on the target device. The most recommended iPhone keylogger is mSpy. It offers remote installation. So, you won’t even need physical access to the target phone unless it has 2-FA enabled. 

How to Install Keylogger on iPhone?

Installing and setting up a keylogger on iPhone mainly consists of 4 steps:

  1. Create an account and pick a subscription. 
  2. Input the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone device. 
  3. Remotely configure the target device for monitoring.
  4. Start monitoring the keystrokes on the target device!

How to Detect Keylogger on iPhone?

To detect a keylogger on an iPhone, look out for indications like fast battery draining, more hardware resource use, and more internet use. The slow response times, lagging, and difficulty in logging into secure websites are also the signs of a keylogger on an iPhone. 

Key Takeaways

  • The best hidden keylogger for the iPhone is definitely mSpy. 
  • mSpy has been in business for a decade and offers excellent value for money considering the balance between price and performance. 
  • The best mSpy alternative for hidden iPhone keyloggers is uMobix. 
  • uMobix is an excellent choice for people who’d like to spy on their partners’ social media apps too, alongside tracking their keystrokes.
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