How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages Without Target Phone 

spy on whatsapp messages without target phone

Data reveals that over 40% of people cheat on their partners. That makes you wonder if your partner is among them. So, how to spy on WhatsApp messages without a target phone (and catch your cheating partner)? That we’ll find out today. 

In this article, I’ll take you through step-by-step instructions of different methods you can use to spy on whatsapp messages without target phone. By the end, you’ll know exactly how to break into your partner’s WhatsApp texts. 

That being said, let’s roll in. 

Spy on WhatsApp Messages Without Target Phone 

The best way to spy on WhatsApp messages without the target phone is definitely using a spying app. 

Yes, you could choose an alternative method and do the lengthy procedures like jailbreaking/rooting your partner’s phone to read their WhatsApp chats but — they’d know!

There are many reasons spying apps tend to be the best for WhatsApp tracking. Here are a few. 

Why Use a Spying App for WhatsApp Tracking?

why use spying app to spy on whatsapp

Are you wondering why using a spying app is your best choice to spy on WhatsApp messages without installation? Here are a few reasons. 

  • They’re optimized for hidden monitoring to ensure your partner doesn’t know someone is spying on their WhatsApp messages.
  • They don’t require frequent access to the target phone. Once you’ve installed the spy app on the target phone, you won’t have to access it again, to spy on up-to-date messages. 
  • They don’t make a big hole in your pocket as hiring an individual hacker or a cybercriminal agency would do. Some of them even offer a free trial (Thankfully, the app we’ll teach you how to install is among them). 
  • Some of them don’t require rooting/jailbreaking the target phone to spy on WhatsApp messages without the target phone (What we’ve suggested doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking, either). 

mSpy — The Best App to Spy on WhatsApp Messages Without Target Phone

mspy android spy app 5 9

In this world of digital apps, there’s huge competition in the spy industry. One of the leading spying apps is mSpy.

It came into the market back in 2010 and has now made a mark. It holds 1.5 million customers around the world and serves across 190 countries. 

Here’s why mSpy is your best bet for WhatsApp tracking. 

Why mSpy?

Here are the main reasons we recommend mSpy over the competitors:

  • It’s a trustable platform. It has been featured on Phandroid, Los Angeles Times, and some other authoritative blogs. Over 1.5 million users trust it, including our product review experts. So, you’ll not be risking your partner’s critical information. 
  • mSpy is an authentic app. Its cell tracking features WORK. We’ve tested a few apps that suck at doing their job. We found out mSpy to be better than most of the competitors, in terms of WhatsApp spying. 
  • mSpy offers a free trial. It definitely makes it stand out. The trial lasts for 7 days to get you a week of FREE WhatsApp message spying. 
  • mSpy is easy to use. You don’t want a spying app that makes it tempting to install it. Some apps require jailbreaking/rooting the target phones for WhatsApp monitoring which general users are not comfortable with. mSpy is not among them. 

mSpy Main Features

mspy key features 4 5

Here’s an overview of the top spying features mSpy offers:

  • Monitor your partner’s WhatsApp messages, including deleted ones with timestamps and sender details. 
  • Track their SMS texts, call logs, GPS location, and browsing history. 
  • View your partner’s keystrokes and multimedia files
  • Set geofences and get notified. 
  • Monitor their social media activities across various platforms, including Facebook, Snapchat, Tinder. 
  • Easy to use
  • 7-day free trials
  • Effective WhatsApp tracker
  • Hidden WhatsApp message monitoring
  • Trusted by 1.5 million users
  • Doesn’t support Blackberry phones
  • Lacks a money-back guarantee

How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages With mSpy (Android)

mspy installation 4 2

Does your partner have an Android phone? If yes, it’s your lucky day because mSpy doesn’t require rooting for Android phones. 

However, note that you’ll have to borrow your partner’s smartphone for 10-15 minutes. 


  • The target Android phone with an active internet
  • A valid mSpy Android subscription

Step 1: Create a mSpy Account and Pick a Subscription

Using mSpy requires having a valid subscription.

1. Visit mSpy’s website and click “Try Now”.

try mspy 1 9

2. Input a valid email address and confirm it. 

create an account mspy 1 4

3. Pick an “Android” subscription plan. 

pick a plan mspy 1 2

4. mSpy might a confirmation email that contains 1) Link to your mSpy dashboard and 2) mSpy APK download link. You’ll be needing them for installation & monitoring.

Step 2: Prepare the Target Android for Installation

Disabling Play Protect on the target Android phone is important to install mSpy, to avoid interruptions. 

1. Open Play Store on the target Android phone.

open play store 1 1

2. Tap the profile icon on the top right corner. 

tap profile icon 1 2

3. Select Play Protect.

tap play protect 2

4. Tap the gear icon on the top right corner. 

tap gear icon 1 2

5. Disable both the options you see:

  • Scan Apps with Play Protect — Disabled.
  • Improve harmful app detection — Disabled.
disable both options 1 2

Step 3: Download mSpy on the Target Phone

  1. Open a web browser on the target Android device.
  2. Open the confirmation email on your phone. 
  3. Copy the mSpy downloading link from the confirmation email and hit “Enter”.
  4. Wait for the downloading to initialize and complete. 

Step 4: Install & Configure mSpy

  1. Locate the downloaded files and tap on the mSpy APK file.
  2. Tap “Install”.
  3. If a dialogue pops up, select “Allow from this source”. 
  4. The installation should start now. 
  5. Once the installation completes, open the installed app — mSpy.
  6. Tap “Accept the license agreement” when you open the app.
  7. Provide mSpy with all the permissions it asks for. 
  8. During the configuration, you’ll get the option to either hide mSPy’s icon or not. You can tick the checkbox if you want hidden monitoring or leave it empty. 
  9. The next step is to input the registration code and tap “Complete Installation. 

Remember: mSpy presents itself as an Update Service. 

Step 5: Start Spying!

Sign in to your mSpy dashboard and start spying on WhatsApp messages without the target phone. 

How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages With mSpy (iPhone)

Do you wish that you could spy on WhatsApp messages of your partner without accessing it even once? Well, if they’re an iPhone user, you’re not far away from that. 

If you’re not sure, mSpy offers remote installation for iPhone devices. 


  • iCloud credentials of the target device
  • A valid mSpy iPhone subscription

Step 1: Create a mSpy Account and Pick a Subscription

1. Head over to mSpy’s website and click “Try Now. 

try mspy 1 8

2. Input a valid email to sign up and pick a subscription plan for iPhone. 

create an account mspy 1 2

3. Open the confirmation email and use the link to sign in to your mSpy dashboard. 

Step 2: Enter iCloud Credentials 

  1. On your mSpy dashboard, enter the iCloud credentials of the target device/user. 
  2. Wait for verification to complete. 
  3. Once the account is verified, select the device that you want to monitor. 
  4. Configure the monitoring settings as per your preference. 

Step 3: Start Spying!

That’s it. mSpy will upload information from the target phone and you’re ready to spy on WhatsApp without the target device. 

How to Use WhatsApp Web to Spy on WhatsApp Messages Without Target Phone 

Using WhatsApp Web is an effective way to read your partner’s WhatsApp messages. 


  • A desktop device (computer or laptop)
  • The target phone
  • Active Internet connections on both devices

Steps to Follow

1. Launch a web browser on your desktop computer/laptop, paste the following address into the address bar, and hit enter:
desktop whatsapp web 2

2. Open WhatsApp on the target phone. 

tap whatsapp 1 2

3. Tap three dots on the top right corner. 

tap three dots 5

4. Tap WhatsApp Web and scan the QR code from the desktop device. 

scan qr code from computer 2

5. That’s it — following these steps will help you access your partner’s WhatsApp from your desktop. 

  • Remote monitoring
  • Easy to follow
  • Free
  • Physical access required
  • Consistent notification on the target phone about the activity of WhatsApp Web (aka WhatsApp is being used on the web browser)

How to Use WhatsApp Chat Backup to Spy on WhatsApp Messages Without Target Phone

You can also use WhatsApp chat backup to spy on someone’s WhatsApp messages without the target phone. 


  • Access to the target phone for around 10-15 minutes 
  • Active internet on the target phone 
  • A Google account to back up chats into

Steps to Follow

1. Open WhatsApp on the target phone. 

tap whatsapp 1 1

2. Tap three dots on the top right corner.

tap three dots 4

3. Tap Settings. 

tap settings 1

4. Select Chats and head over to Chat Backup. 

tap chats 2

Chat Backup:

tap chat backup 3

5. Tap Google account and select “Add account”. 

add new account 2

6. Enter your account credentials. 

7. Once the account is verified, tap “Back Up”.

tap back up 2

8. That’s it. It’ll back up your partner’s WhatsApp messages into your Google Drive account. 

  • Easy
  • Free
  • You have to physically access the target phone.
  • Backing up messages can take a long time.
  • Not a long-term solution for WhatsApp tracking.

How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages Without Target Phone Using MAC Spoofing

Finally, MAC spoofing is yet another way to track someone’s WhatsApp messages without a target phone. 

But, truth be told, if you’re not a tech-savvy user, we’d recommend avoiding this method as it can be tempting. Plus, the other suggested methods tend to be easier and more effective. 

However, if you’re still willing to consider MAC spoofing for WhatsApp tracking, surely go for it. In this method, you create a clone of the target phone to receive its WhatsApp messages on your phone. 


  • The target smartphone
  • Your smartphone
  • Knowledge of jailbreaking or rooting

Step 1: Retrieve the MAC Address of the Target Phone

It’s essential that you find out the MAC address of the target smartphone, for MAC spoofing. 

Simply get your hands on the target device and head over to the following location to find the device’s MAC address:

  • Android — Home Screen > Settings > About Phone > Status
  • iOS — Settings > About Device > Status

Step 2: Uninstall WhatsApp on Your Phone

To receive your partner’s WhatsApp messages directly on your phone, you’ll have to temporarily uninstall your WhatsApp app. 

  1. Open Settings on your phone. 
  2. Go to Apps (App Manager). 
  3. Select WhatsApp and tap uninstall. 
  4. Tap confirm if the confirmation popup comes up. 

Note: It’s recommended that you back up your WhatsApp messages before uninstalling WhatsApp. 

Step 3: Replace Your MAC Address With The Target Device’s

  1. Go to MAC address settings on your smartphone. 
  2. Replace your MAC address with the one on the target phone. 
  3. After you’ve changed the MAC address, reinstall WhatsApp on your smartphone. 
  4. Open WhatsApp once installed and select “Send activation code via SMS”. 
  5. To copy the activation code, you’ll have to access the target phone. Open the messaging app and type the activation code from the SMS, onto your smartphone. 
  6. In the final step, change your phone’s MAC address to the original. 

Hint: Use BusyBox for Android or WiFiSpoof for iPhone. 

Note: You may have to root (for Android) or jailbreak (for iPhone) your smartphone first, to change your MAC address. 

Step 4: Start Spying! 

That’s it – following these steps will make it possible to spy on whatsapp without target device. 

But, truth be told, the method doesn’t work on all devices which could cause complications along the way.  

  • Free
  • You don’t have to access the target phone frequently
  • Jailbreaking (for iPhone) or rooting (for Android) is required
  • Not compatible with all OS versions
  • Many technical steps are involved

Key Takeaways

  • The best way to spy on someone’s WhatsApp messages without target phone is by using a spying app like mSpy. 
  • mSpy is the leading WhatsApp tracking app that is authoritative (It comes with 12 years of experience and a base of 1.5 million worldwide customers).
  • mSpy’s WhatsApp tracker is versatile and lets you monitor your partner’s WhatsApp texts, shared multimedia files, timestamps, and contact details in real-time. 
  • The app also offers a free trial that you can use for free-of-cost WhatsApp spying.
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